Woah! Halsey is Super P**chy!

Everything was fine in Halsey world, until the singer started wishing buildings would collapse.

The indie-pop singer has been riding high on the success of her latest album “Manic”, with compliments flooding her timeline, lauding her for her vulnerability, gritty honesty and courage in trying something new.

Well, nothing like an ill-informed joke and the Internet to bring your feet back to the ground.

Here’s some context. Pitchfork, the popular music critic publication – one that is often feared by most artists while being held in high regard by listeners, put out a review for “Manic”, Halsey’s third studio album. The review gave the album a 6.5 out of 10, along with some not-so-flattering criticism of the project’s writing and production.

Halsey was quick to respond to the publication’s tweets of the review with her own little jab, one that would soon come back to bite her. The singer tweeted:

What she didn’t realise at the time is that the publication offices are located in one World Trade Centre. the very same one that was targeted in the devastating 9/11 attacks. In addition to possibly wishing harm on the staff of the office that should collapse (not very PC, Halsey), she ended up making a historically insensitive joke.

She was quick to react to the backlash, deleting the tweet almost immediately and apologising for the insensitive comment. Sigh, another day, another celebrity drama.

Well, she seems to have bounced back quick, so maybe we can move on too.