5 Moments from Justin’s Carpool Karaoke

Justin Bieber made his way back to James Cordens’ Emmy-Award winning segment “Carpool Karaoke”, for the fourth time (including the post-Grammys special).

Currently promoting his new album “Changes”, Bieber is all set to feature on a James Corden special for the The Late Late Show with James Corden #JustinBieberWeek. Fans have already got a preview of all the fun content lined up, including a food truck session and a aerobics-dance session with a child. Yeah, react to that how you will, but today, it’s time for a rundown of their Carpool Karaoke together!

1. Justin says James’ delivery of dance moves are “trash”


On a mission to try and finalise some dance moves for JUstin’s lead single “Yummy”, James busted out some dance moves that were immediately rejected by The Biebs. James was quickly “offended”, getting back at him right after that. Bieber showed him the real moves for “Yummy” and James made fun of him for the basic dance moves; Justin’s point was this “your delivery is trash; it’s all in the delivery, man”.

2. They remixed Smelly Cat

Justin revealed that he and Mrs. Netflix and chill, but in the real sense, with good food and an episode F.R.I.E.N.D.S. James was quick to suggest that Bieber should bring his own version of the famous song “Smelly Cat” to the stage. It took only two minutes for Justin and James to get jamming and create a remixed, r&b version of the song and the rest is history.

3. Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise


In a hilarious moment on the episode, James brought up a tweet from Justin’s past, where he publicly challenged the legendary actor and stuntman Tom Cruise to a fight, implying that he would win (sigh, Justin, really?). James disagreed with Justin, but The Biebs maintained his stand – mind control over being in “top shape” will win the fight any day of the week. The conversation somehow ended up in Corden confessing his undying love for Tom Cruise, the man, not the actor, leaving Bieber in splits. Same, tbh.

4. The Connor McGregor of Entertainment

Taking off from the previous conversation, Bieber challenged James to arm wrestling, beat him in three seconds, and proceeded to call himself the Connor McGregor of Entertainment. That’s all there is to say about that moment, honestly. Just let it sink in.

5. James is One Less Lonely Girl

Justin serenaded James with his classic “One Less Lonely Girl”. He did the whole gig, ending the performance by handing a James a rose and bringing him to tears. Sorry, Hailey, turns out you’re not the Last Lonely Girl afterall.