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5 Seconds of Summer Are Swapping Green Screens During this Quarantine!

Some would say that releasing an album in the midst of this quarantine period isn’t the best idea, but it looks like 5 Seconds of Summer have made the most of this! The Aussie boys recently dropped their fourth album, ‘CALM’, which witnessed tracks that brought a certain sense of comfort and well, fun during this dull period.

Though the boys haven’t been able to take these new songs on the road, that hasn’t stopped them from treating us with a thing or two. In fact, just last week, 5SOS released the inventive video for “Wildflower,” which was entirely created between them, as they swapped around a green screen. So, with a few touch ups and some clever animation, ‘Wildflower‘ was born.  Leave it to them to find the most bizarre things to do during this lockdown

Speaking off, in a recent interview, Michael Clifford (lead guitarist) opened up about the success of their latest album, and of course, a bit about what the boys have been upto.

For starters, here’s what he said about their music video, “‘Wildflower’ has such a bigger scope of vision than just sitting in a room. It was cool to get that across; like, look at what you can do even while stuck at home.”

He also dished out that the boys don’t miss a chance to text each other. Daily. Non stop. “It’s surprising how much we’ve been in contact — you wouldn’t expect it from a band who’s been together for like eight years now. You wouldn’t expect us to be talking every single day, but surprisingly, we do. We’re inseparable, I guess.”

Speaking about their album, Clifford confessed that this has been one of his favourite projects so far. “This album for us is so different from anything we’ve done before, but it’s also so familiar. I think this record was kind of acknowledging where we’ve come from and acknowledging our previous success and the fans that might have stuck around for a really long time,” he explained.

Once this quarantine period ends, promotions for ‘CALM’ will probably be in full swing. But for now, let’s hope the boys continue this green-screen swapping so we can get our hands on a couple more videos

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