5 SOS Tickle Up Some Nostalgia With Old Me

5 seconds of summer released an emotional video for their nostalgic song “Old Me”. We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t cry during the video because this one was a literal nostalgia trip into their past lives.

On the video they are seen commuting on a train, which we later understand is a metaphorical train of their journey through their early days. A montage with scrapbook photos of Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton from their childhood is sprinkled generously over the video.

Filmed in their hometown, Sydney the video shows the Australian band commuting the train to their jam sessions and concerts while simultaneously going back to their boyhood days. The child actors brilliantly portray the bands dedication as children, through their jam sessions.

The band sings on the train as it stops at each station showing their journey throughout the years, there are also a few ghosts from the past including One Direction. Their nostalgia trip takes them to their final destination, a crowded stadium with roaring fans.

The “Old Me” video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis who said that working with 5SOS is always a pleasure “I love this band so much I’m honored that I was able to collaborate and showcase their talent and journey in the video”. The track is set to be featured on their fourth album , CALM which is an acronym the band members names Calum ,Ashton,Luke , Micheal! CALM will be available on digital and streaming platforms from March 27th. And it just around the corner and we can’t wait!