50 Cent Just Unearthed A Lot of Drama

During this quarantine period, it looks like 50 Cent’s been digging up new ways to keep us entertained and his latest find is the official music video for the 2012 track, “Hate BeinSober” featuring Chief Keef, 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

 Alright, so you better buckle up, because we can’t dive into this piece without giving you the backstory and boy, does it have a lot of drama!

So, it turns out that when the music video for ‘Hate Bein’ Sober’ was shot, Chief Keef just didn’t show up for the shoot. And 50 Cent did not take it well.

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I hate being sober

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Back in 2012, when the drama was still fresh, 50 Cent took to Twitter to address the issue,  “@chiefkeef didn’t show up to his own video. I never saw anything like this on the first song.” He continued, “Its not funny @ChiefKeef didn’t sell any records yet, they will pull the plug on him.SMSAUDIO.”

Considering the fact that this track did feature on Keef‘s debut studio album, ‘Finally Rich’, when there’s a collaborative effort going on and you abruptly pull out – there’s no doubt that it creates quite a terrible impression on your co-stars.

Speaking about the situation back in 2012, 50 Cent expressed his frustration over the issue, “He has people around him that don’t know better,” 50 said at the time. “Like if you in the neighborhood, you on fire in the neighborhood. I was that on ‘Wanksta.’ I could have really just stayed home and never shot the ‘In Da Club’ video. You know what kind of momentum I had on the mixtape circuit? So if ‘Wanksta’ had came out and I was like, ‘I’m on fire!’ The video’s out, everything is there, and then when it’s time to shoot the ‘In Da Club’ video with Eminem and Dr. Dre, I don’t show up. That’s exactly where Keef‘s at in his career.”

And yet, there’s another side to this story because according to Keef’s manager, there was a miscommunication between the label and keef’s team, they weren’t given details about the shoot and so, Keef missed his flight to the location.

Despite all this, thankfully, 50 Cent and Chief Keef have made up. The former has even mentioned in interviews that he holds no grudges against Keef. And now, 8 years later, we finally get a peek at the long lost video. While it’s still odd to not see Keef in the video, perhaps this is simply 50 Cent’s way of reminiscing.