50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule However Lands Up Helping Him

The music star, Ja Rule took to his Instagram to advertise a Greek deli in Los Angeles called Papa Cristo. In no time the video went viral and people were talking about it.

We all know about 50 Cent being in a feud with the ‘Always On Time’ singer from time to time. In the heat of the moment, he couldn’t stop himself and commented on this ‘cheesy’ commercial by Ja Rule.

While 50 Cent thought he got a point against his nemesis, seems like Ja Rule had the last laugh. After the unnecessary comment from 50, he took to his Instagram and thanked him. Apparently, the commercial promotes his upcoming TBS show called ‘Celebrity Show-Off’.

The ‘I’m Real’ singer explains “So I took the small mom-and-pop shop called Papa Cristo’s that was struggling during (the coronavirus pandemic) to help them out… I came up with this idea that I would do this silly-a**, cheesy ’80s, ’90s (style) commercial, and people will hate on it and try to clown me, and it will go viral, and of course it did. Half of it is for charity (No Kid Hungry), and Papa Cristo’s gets a lot of free publicity.”

Well, 50 Cent seems to have lost this round against Ja Rule. “I’m a marketing genius, and this is all working exactly how I wanted it to, I did this commercial on the TV show that I’m doing with Dwight Howard, Bella Thorne and Bruce Willis’ daughters, all kinds of people… the premise of the show is we create our own TV shows within the show.” he explains.

We agree, any kind of publicity is good publicity. Ja Rule seems to have made sure people know about his new show now. He says, “We’re playing chess over here, not checkers.”

By : Aatira Kakroo