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6ix9ine Accuses Bieber and Grande of Chart Manipulation

It isn’t uncommon for rapper and producer, 6ix9ine to take to social media, posting rants or stirring up controversy involving him or other artists. But, his latest accusation is creating quite the stir because it involves two of the biggest pop stars in town – Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. 

6ix9ine took to Instagram to share a video of himself explaining why he thinks Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, along with their team, have manipulated sales of their new song “Stuck with U” to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He further proposed that Billboard do an audit of the possible manipulation. 

In the explanation, 6ix9ine says: “They went from being 5th place to 1st place out of nowhere.” He cites the fact that his song “GOOBA” has stayed in the same position, despite being ahead of “Stuck with U”, not jumping any units at all as evidence for the sketchiness of the whole situation. 

6ix9ine further talks about the fact that putting up bundles, selling CDs and T-shirts, in an effort to boost sales last minute is a form of manipulation. The sales, then counted, are not pure musical sales. The bundles of signed CDs that went on sale were an attempt at fundraising from Bieber and Grande’s side. The proceeds from those sales went to first responders and children in need amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

Fans have also come to the duo’s defense, ridiculing 6ix9ine for his accusation. Keeping in mind the reason the song was put out, one fan said: “HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THAT MAD ABOUT A CHARITY SONG?”

Ariana Grande also took to her Instagram stories amid 6ix9ine drama to remind all her fans to stay focused on the reason the collaboration was released. She explained that, though she is grateful for the passion of her fans, it means more to her that they remember the cause this song is contributing to.
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