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A Catalogue of Consistency: Ava Max’s ‘Heaven & Hell’

Ava Max is here with a brand new album

Rising star, Ava Max, has officially made her landing on the pop music landscape with a 15-track debut studio album. The brand new release is home to previously released singles, ‘Sweet But Psycho’, ‘Salt’, ‘Kings & Queens’, and more. “Heaven & Hell” is an album of back-to-back pop hits. And, yet, it takes the theme of consistency a little too far. 

Heavy on the Aesthetic

Complete with all the makings of a primed pop release, “Heaven & Hell” serves as a sufficient introduction to Max. Further, it will probably continue to define Ava Max’s musical world. The singer, influenced by pop icon Lady Gaga, creates a heavily stylised musical universe. And, this one features Matrix-like themes and striking imagery. But, when it comes down to the music, Max’s experimentation stays within the limits of predictable pop success. 

“Heaven & Hell”: The Sound

Each song follows the same sonic thought: electronic, disco-pop arrangement. And, thematically, Ava offers up simplistic lyricism to accompany her striking vocals. In fact, the singer’s vocal prowess, complete with a deep tone and power packed runs, is perhaps the most enticing aspect of this new record. 

Through the album, the singer takes us through a spectrum of emotions. Not latching on to any religious symbolism with the words, “Heaven & Hell” (as one may presume), the singer simply paints pictures of heartbreak, lust, love and more. Further, Max’s writing follows an off-beat rhythm of writing one could easily miss out on, given the hyper-symmetrical beats in the backing tracks. And, while many of the tracks melt into each other, sonically, there are those that pop their heads out of the consistency catalogue. 

Ava Max Surprises

Take for example, ‘Naked’, ‘Take You to Hell’, and ‘Belladonna’ – three tracks that offer up a new and rather interesting side to Max’s musical universe. Fiddling with lesser heard literary phrases and injecting them with youthful pop energy, Ava brings an unpredictable, yet foot-tapping bunch of music. 

All in all, Ava Max is primed to enter the commercial arena of pop music. And, while she takes a spin of the debut success train, she’s also perfectly positioned for an impending evolution. So, this 15 track album may give you a one-off glimpse into Max’s world – one where she’s figuring it all out. But, something tells us, this is only the start. 

“Heaven & Hell” by Ava Max is now available on all streaming platforms. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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