A Cold But Captivating Comeback For The Summer

It’s a good time for all the Olivia Rodrigo’s fans because she has made a ‘biting’ comeback. From evolving into a Grammy winning superstar, she has surely lived up to the expectations.

Olivia Rodrigo gets bloody in the music video for her new single ‘Vampire’. It’s the first single from her upcoming sophomore album ‘Guts’.

The track begins with a soothing piano melody, but hold on. She is not about to crumble into tears. Rather, Rodrigo boils out in anger for her ex’s manipulative behaviour. The lyrics are socially empowering as well. It potrays how a young woman rediscovers herself. The mood of rage throughout the track has been quite interesting. She realises how she was turning into a person she absolutely hated. She hates the person who made her become like that even more. 

Image Courtesy :YouTube

But the song’s chorus will make you pause. Rodrigo sings, ”I should have known it was strange/You only come out at night”. She has portrayed her extraordinary ability to sing as she balances rage and disappointment in this pathetic dude as well as herself. Vampire is an elegant attempt at songwriting.


Image Courtesy: YouTube

It shames a guy who was only there for the ’parties and diamonds’. Thereby, challenging the stereotype only women could be the gold diggers. Throughout the song, Rodrigo has graciously portrayed her wounds and also inspire people at the same time. The music score in the background has totally settled in the idea as well.

A rise can be seen in the juicy revenge songs in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey has joined in too. The concept of real justice is almost extinct today but public humiliation in a global hit is not a bad option either.

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Just like any other Rodrigo song, the elements of who, what, when and other gossip can be felt here as well. But it’s also a captivating tune that can make the real life details quite extra.

Overall, a promising and a powerful comeback which ensures that Olivia is only going to refine in the future!

-Kaushiki Sarcar