A Collab Between Dua Lipa & Madonna is on The Table

A collaboration between Pop Queen, Madonna, and Dua Lipa might land in our laps, very soon. And boy, they’re truly a force to be reckoned with.

So, here’s how it went down, Dua Lipa plucked up the courage and asked Madonna if she would be up for a collaboration in the future. The Pop Queen sits right at the top of Dua’s list of musical influences.

In fact, in a recent interview with Dua’s manager, Ben Mawson, he revealed how the ’80s aesthetic of her latest album, ‘Future Nostalgia‘ draws its inspiration from Madonna’s tenth studio album, ‘Confessions on a Dancefloor’. Released in 2005, the album witnessed some stellar hits like, ‘Sorry,’ ‘Hung Up,’ ‘Jump’ and so much more.

When asked if Dua Lipa could emulate Madonna, Mawson responded: “Well it depends what you mean. She’s definitely going to have a long career. She’s definitely the complete pop star and obviously the album was heavily influenced by Madonna.”

He went on to add, “In fact, we’re about to try and get Madonna on a record. I’m going to write the email and see if she’s up for a track.”

According to Mawson, Dua’s always aspired to be like Madonna, growing up, she’s been one of Dua’s biggest role models. “It was about her personality, her charisma, her competitiveness and her drive and that came across. Dua’s got it all, so she’s unlimited potential,” Mawson gushed.

Well, Madonna hasn’t responded yet, so for now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

By: Nina Karun