A First Lady’s Workout Playlist

Michelle Obama is inspiring the masses with her cool new workout playlist for 2020.On Sunday, the former first lady and dedicated health advocate shared some of her favorite tunes to listen to while hitting the gym. Her workout playlist has two sections: Upbeat R&B and some peppy hip-hop tracks

“It’s about that time when New Year’s resolutions get a bit harder to stick to. To offer a little inspiration, I want to share my go-to #WorkoutPlaylist with you,” Obama captioned her post along with her list of songs. “These songs always seem to give me that extra boost to get through my toughest workouts. What’s on your playlist?”

As First Lady, Michelle Obama guided the White House’s ‘Let’s Move!’ public health campaign that encouraged a healthier lifestyle and combated childhood obesity.

Sharing playlists has been common practice in the Obama household. In December, former President Barrack Obama released a list of his favorite songs from 2019.

“From hip-hop to country, here are my songs of the year,” Obama wrote to Twitter. “If you’re looking for something to keep you company on a long drive or help you turn up a workout, I hope there’s a track or two in here that does the trick.”

Michelle Obama’s workout mix includes Dua lipa’s “One kiss”, Childish Gambino’s “3005,” Sam Smith’s “Lay me down”,multiple Bruno Mars hits “Perm” and “Finesse Remix”, three Cardi B tracks “Press”, “South of the Border” and “Finesse”and more, while the “Cool Down” boasts Frank Ocean “Godspeed”, Pink Sweat$, Meek Mill with Ella Mai and Many others.

Yup, that’s a great gift right there! These playlists have arrived just in time to save your day!