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Adele Releases ‘Easy On Me’ Teaser

Image Courtesy: Film Daily
Image Courtesy: NME

On October 5th announced that she would be releasing new music for the first time in almost six years. The artist released a 10-second teaser of her upcoming single Easy On Me. And though she didn’t unwrap any of the vocals for the gentle piano ballad due out Oct. 15, she did preview what appeared to be the video for the track in a 17-second clip.

In the teaser, Adele is seen popping an old-school cassette with the song’s title on it into her car’s tape deck, she then cranks up the volume and lets her left arm catch the wind as she drives down the road while piles of sheet music fly into the air and we catch a glimpse of the packed trailer she’s hauling behind her vintage ride. The visual only gives us a small view of the singer’s eyes, hands and a portion of her face, but the whole vibe is unmistakably Adele to the core.

The teaser came a day after Adele returned to Twitter after a nine-month pause with a simple “Hiya Babes.” Earlier on 4th October, fans started buzzing when Adele updated her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages with a teal blue background that matched mysterious billboards that popped up around the world last week.

Speculation about her fourth album was sparked by billboards that popped up in random areas across the world featuring the number 30. Landmarks in New York, London and Paris also had the number 30 projected on the side of buildings, prompting fans to speculate that the album is titled 30 to follow the format of her previous number-themed releases 25, 21 and 19.

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The singer’s previous album, 2015’s 25, had a record-smashing first week, selling 3.38 million copies in its debut week in the U.S. That was the biggest sales week of an album since Nielsen began tracking point-of-sale music purchases in 1991. It was so massive that it sold 335 copies per minute in its first week on sale in the U.S., with 1.71 million copies coming on CD, comprising 38 percent of all albums sold on CD in the week ending Nov. 26, 2015.

Watch the Easy On Me teaser below:


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