Adele Reveals Her Favourite Karaoke Song

Adele has a great number of hits to her name. However, when she is letting loose and karaokeing, she prefers a song by another pop sensation, Lady Gaga!

In a recent video making rounds on Twitter, from what appears to be one of her recent Weekends With Adele residency shows in Las Vegas, the singer can be seen taking a moment to chat with her fans about her favourite song to sing on smaller platforms. “You know what’s the best karaoke song to do?” she told one fan. “‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga.’”

The musician went on to enthusiastically sing the iconic gibberish introduction to Gaga’s 2009 hit! “Ra ra ah ah ah, roma ro ma ma.” She happily dances around saying that this song “is so fun!”

Even though, she is one of the few musicians who has performance experience that can match up to Lady Gaga, Adele does admit that there is one part of the song that still trips her up.

“When she starts speaking French, I’ve got no idea what she’s saying,” she shrugged.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Adele isn’t the only one who loves busting out ‘Bad Romance’ at the karaoke bar. Billboard ranked it the 33rd best karaoke song of all time. Adele’s ‘Rolling in The Deep’ came at no 57 on the list!

Image Courtesy: Planet Radio

Adele also mentioned ‘Proud Mary’ by Ike and Tina Turner as her other favourite karaoke song.

-Kaushiki Sarkar