Adele Urged Fans to Stop Hurling Objects at Musicians on Stage

Following a string of previous incidents, Adele asked the audience during a gig in Las Vegas to quit throwing objects at performers on stage.

Bebe Rexha, who needed stitches after being struck in the head by a fan’s phone during a recent performance, is just one of the musicians who have recently experienced items being thrown at them.

Image Courtesy: The Independent

Pink was left speechless after a fan at BST Hyde Park dumped his or her mother’s ashes on stage, and Lil Nas X had to interrupt a performance over the weekend after a fan tossed a s*x object onto the stage.

Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

A crowd member threw something at US country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini, striking her in the face. Harry Styles was performing in LA when a skittle struck him in the eye back in late 2022. Additionally, he was hit by a flying object while performing in Chicago.

Image Courtesy: Fox News

Adele spoke about these occurrences during one of her Caesar’s Palace residency performances, just before the part where she uses a t-shirt gun to shoot t-shirts at fans.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stones

“Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting f*****g show etiquette at the moment, throwing s**t onstage? Have you seen that?” she asked, according to footage posted on TikTok.

“I’ll f*****g dare you to throw something at me and I’ll f*****g kill you,” she warned. “Stop throwing things at the artist!”