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After Releasing ‘I Need U,’ BTS Revealed That They Finally Felt Noticed In Their Career

BTS has discussed the importance of their 2015 track ‘I Need U’ in the group’s career and how it became their breakout hit.

BTS Radio: Past & Present, the first of three episodes from their new Apple Music 1 limited-run series, premiered on 28th May. The members of the group talked about their past songs and what they mean to them during the episode.

Image Courtesy: Oprah Daily

BTS’ 2015 single ‘I Need U,’ from their ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1’ mini-album, was a significant turning point in their career, according to vocalist Jungkook. The youngest member, described it as a “great” release saying that the song is special to them in many ways.

Jungkook stated that they achieved their first Number One win on a Korean music show with ‘I Need U.’  It’s when they first realised they were finally being recognised, that they were on their way to making it.

Image Courtesy: NME

BTS Radio: Past & Present has since become Apple Music 1’s most popular show of the year, with more listens than any other broadcast in 2022.

“We wanted to use this radio show to celebrate nine years of BTS with you guys and our ARMY all across the world,” stated RM, the group’s leader. The three-part documentary, which follows the boyband as they reflect on their journey thus far, will air weekly until 10th June, when their next anthology album ‘Proof’ will be released.


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