Alicia Brings you “Underdog”

2020, is truly the year for the music, with Eminem making a comeback to Selena Gomez releasing a new album after years! Now Alicia Keys has dropped a new single from her upcoming album “A.L.I.C.I.A”.

The newly released track is called “Underdog”! It has already racked up around 4 Million views on YouTube. It features a touching tribute to working class struggle that she too faced throughout her early years. Because of its immensely empathetic theme fans have flooded Twitter with praises and love for the song! The song is produced by Johnny McDaid and Alicia herself! Multi talented much?!

Fans have been going berserk with the news, Alicia’s last studio album “Here” in 2016 had become her seventh US R&B /Hip Hop chart topping album! We can’t wait to see if this one will top the charts as well!

The artist also released an album cover that looks like 4 vibrant mugshots! We’re hoping this might be a hint to the theme of the album which will be released on March 20th! Judging by the title, this album might be an insight into her life. Before “Underdog” she had released two tracks “Show me some love” and “Time Machine”. All three releases have sounded drastically different from each other and we’re confused about the theme of the album… If it has one at all! Its Alicia Keys , She can never go wrong !

She is also set to perform at the Grammys Tribute to Prince, along with many others. Titled “Lets Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute to Prince” the concert will feature various artists and ELECTRIFYING performances!!

The artist is also working on her autobiography titled “More Myself: A Journey”. Fans will get an insight to her humble beginnings as a child of a single parent who worked three jobs to provide for Keys. She said in an interview that her mother inspired her to become a fierce, hardworking individual! Kudos to her mother for gifting us with a talented and strong role model!