An Album’s Worth of Unreleased Material by Miles Kane and Lana Del Rey

Miles Kane has disclosed that he and Lana Del Rey have collaborated on an album’s worth of unreleased material. Kane discussed his creative connection with Del Rey in a new interview, ahead of the release of his fourth solo album, ‘Change The Show,’ on 21st January. Del Rey co-wrote Kane’s 2018 hit, ‘Loaded,’ and Kane returned the favour on last year’s ‘Dealer,’ to which he also supplied vocals.

Both tracks come from the same recording session, according to the Last Shadow Puppets’ musician, and that there’s a lot more music they created together that hasn’t been released yet.

Image Courtesy: Vogue

“We did so many songs,” Kane revealed. “I think I was sorting flirting about putting it on an album, then she was, and then I got a call a few months back where she said she wanted to stick [‘Dealer’] out.”

Kane continued: “That was the one song from the demo’s we did that had something really special, and it’s so real. The way she comes in and soars on her vocal is something that I think nobody has ever heard before. I like that she’s just kept it as the original demo we did when we wrote it.”

He then went on to explain how much music they laid down during the sessions. “There’s quite a lot, y’know,” he admitted. “Probably enough for an album, we’d still need to finish some bits off, but there’s definitely some completed tunes.”

Del Rey previously spoke to NME about working on an album with Kane, as well as Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford of Mini Mansions and Loren Humphrey – all three of whom are part of The Last Shadow Puppets’ extended family.

Image Courtesy: The Mirror

“We had a little rock band on the side,” she explained. “It kind of didn’t go anywhere but we had a good time.”

“We were very messy!” she added, before then revealing that her ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!’ track ‘California’ came from the sessions. “I feel like it’s a little piece of our friendship band.”

In a three-star review of Kane’s new album ‘Change The Show’, NME‘s Sophie Williams wrote that “the Wirral singer-songwriter searches for comfort in new beginnings on his fourth album.”