An Alien Invasion? No Biggie, Chance the Rapper Is Ready

In two months, the curtains will descend on 2020. The finish line is already in sight. But there’s no saying what surprises might greet us over the next two months. And it looks like Chance the Rapper has prepared himself for the worst. Or the best – depending on how you look at it. At this point, aliens could invade our planet and we wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But Chance the Rapper for one, has already put together a playlist for these otherworldly beings. 

The rap star recently put out a list of tracks, curated specially for aliens, to help them better understand humankind.  “As you asked, I compiled the list of songs I will play for the aliens to get them to understand music and humanity,” the rapper wrote, sparking a magnificent Twitter thread, starting with Jackson’s 1973 single ‘Music and Me.’

The other tunes that found a space on this playlist, were all hits from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This includes 1995’s ‘You Are Not Alone’, the anthem for change, ‘Heal the World’ and 1975’s ‘Dear Michael.’ Of course, there’ no leaving out ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘Earth Song’ and ‘Remember the Time’. The playlist keeps warm a good 22 tracks and makes for quite the nostalgic listen. 

In other news, the rap star also tied up with Justin Bieber for an acoustic version of their smash hit, ‘Holy’. The original cut of the track has gone on to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 charts, setting new records along the way. 

Circling back to Chance the Rapper’s playlist for aliens, we’d argue some newer hits are worthy of a spot on this list. Perhaps…’WAP’?

By: Nina Karun