Anitta Says Her Next Album Really Represents Her as an Artist After Teasing New Music

Anitta teased new music and fans cannot keep calm! In an interview, she revealed information about her next album which she describes as “very cultural” and “very Brazilian.” Anitta, who is a Brazilian pop star, played a game where she would say the first thing that comes to her mind after a statement is thrown at her. 

The first statement she got was “You’d be shocked to know that I’m a big fan of…” to which she replied, “The Strokes” which is a rock band.

Image Courtesy: NME

When she was asked about the last song she listened to, Anitta sang these lyrics before answering, “That’s not my deal/ That’s not your deal…”. She then scrolled through her phone for the answer. “If you saw this playlist, you would be like ‘You Listen to this?’ You’d be shocked to know I listen to Chris Stapleton. The last song I heard was ‘Our Deal’ by Best Coast.”

The interviewer then asked her about her future plans for her music career and her tour plans. She asserted that a tour was out of the question for now, but a follow up to her 2022 smash, ‘Versions of Me’, will be released soon.

Image Courtesy: O Globo

“I’m working on new music for sure. Not touring. Jesus Christ, I never wanna tour ever again, but I do have new music coming,” she explained. “I am working on this album, very cultural, very Brazilian but in English and Spanish, finally the album that I think really represents me as an artist, I finally got it ready. And now I’m just working on music videos, the nice part.”

– Riya Sohini