Another Spoiler Drops on Ariana Grande’s Upcoming Album

A new day, a new teaser from Ariana Grande’s upcoming album lands on our laps. But this time around, it wasn’t the star who spilled the tea. Instead, her producer, Tommy Brown, just put up a rather cryptic post over the weekend, leaving fans spiraling. 

The award-winning producer, fondly known as TBHits took to social media to share a picture of him and Ariana standing on a balcony, gazing out at the glowing cityscape. It turns out, this was in fact a throwback picture from October of 2018, when the duo completed the singer’s record-breaking album, “Thank U, Next”.

While their picture was all sorts of heartwarming, Brown’s caption couldn’t have been any more mysterious.  “6****,” was all it said, leaving Arianators to speculate whether the producer was hinting at the album title, release date or basically any news revolving around her new era in music.

And that’s all it took for the Twittersphere to explode with the hashtag, ‘#AG6’ trending, non-stop. But long before Brown dropped this supposed spoiler, Ariana herself has been teasing the arrival of new music for a while now. In fact, just last week, as an incentive to get fans to vote during the upcoming U.S. elections, the star provided an offer nobody could refuse: “turning in these mixes” she captioned a picture of herself, with instruments cluttered in the background. 

Earlier in the month, Doja Cat also confirmed that she and Ariana had tied up for a new track. But both acts have kept their lips sealed ever since. And so, the wait continues.

By: Nina Karun