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Ariana Faces Another Lawsuit

2020 is the year of lawsuits and justice, and Ariana Grande has found herself bang in the middle of it all.

The pop icon has slipped into murky waters as she carries on the recent trend of commercial artists being sued for copyright infringement and appropriation from smaller, independent artists.

The singer and her team have been slapped with a lawsuit from singer Josh Stone, who claims that the singer’s smash hit ” 7 Rings” boasts an almost entirely identical chorus to his 2017 track “You Need It I Got It”.

Stone conducted a close analysis of the two songs by two musicologists. While one stated that the chorus of the two songs are eerily similar with 39 identical notes, the other says that there is no room for doubt that the two songs share the same chorus structure.

Grande’s smash ht “7 Rings” launched her new pop-trap sound and began her new “Thank U, Next” era. It has earned over $10 million in revenues, amassed millions of streams and views and created a significant impact on the pop landscape upon release. Post 2019- Grammy-Gate, Ariana is all set to take the GRAMMY stage this year, performing the very song in question. “7 Rings” is also up for a Grammy nomination in the category of Record of the Year.

In his 2017 song, Stone sings ” “You need it/I got it/You want it/I got it.”

The past few years in music have seen a slew of independent artists suing bigger artists for justice, with big names like Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus being called out in the process.

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