Ariana Grande Has A Special Request For Rihanna

Over the past few months, Rihanna’s has left fans itching for more updates on her highly-anticipated ninth studio album. And it looks like we aren’t the only ones thirsting for more music from the star. Ariana Grande recently took to social media to celebrate her latest victory on Spotify and to beg Rihanna to drop the album. 

Now, let’s track back a bit. It turns out that Ariana officially surpassed Rihanna as the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify with a whopping 20.5 billion-plus streams of her catalog. Now, while you let those mind-boggling figures digest, take a look at Ariana’s heartwarming message to all her loyal fans out there, 

“Holy shit thank u all so much for listening and caring at all let alone this much. i can’t wait to give u new things to listen to,” she wrote.

This was followed by the young star’s plea to Rihanna,   “Now can rihanna pls drop her album so she can rightfully snatch this back and fill my ears again please or ….” Now, just to give you some context, Rihanna’s last full-length record made its landing way back in 2016. Titled, “Anti” the album held a good thirteen tracks. It gave birth to bangers like ‘Work‘ featuring Drake, ‘Desperado’, ‘Consideration‘ featuring SZA and many more gems. 

And since May 2018, the seasoned star has been dropping hints on her upcoming, still-untitled project. She dished out that the album would be reggae-influenced. Apart from this, there’s no clarity on the tracklisting, title or official release date. In fact, Rihanna has often engaged in a cat and mouse game with her fans on social media, leaving behind cryptic, vague hints on the ninth studio set. 

In other news, Ariana Grande is also gearing up to perform alongside Lady Gaga at the 2020 VMAs. So, a big congratulations to the young star and here’s hoping that Rihanna will at least surrender to the pleas of a fellow musician.

By: Nina Karun