Ariana Grande Pulls A Frankenstein in ’34+35′

After leaving behind a trail of intriguing teasers, Ariana Grande finally made her explosive landing with the music video for her track, ’34 + 35′. The tune finds a space on the star’s sixth studio album, “Positions” which recently racked up a lot of chatter following multiple chart wins and other critical acclaim.

Now, the visualizer for this track proves to be quite the aesthetic, sultry treat. Ariana is seen building a robot version of herself, scribbling notes and jamming buttons on a control panel in the hopes of bringing the mechanical creature to life. The young star’s also seen busting out some sexy moves in pastel shades, against polka-dotted backgrounds and whirring laboratories.

Complete with her signature, sultry runs and lyrics like, “Got the neighbors yelling ‘Earthquake!’ / 4.5 when I make the bed shake” the music video actually proves to be quite tame in comparison. While it’s always a delight to see Ariana in full form, dabbling with quirky concepts, perhaps the music video could’ve done a better job of holding our attention.

’34 + 35′ is the second track to be given the music video treatment following the visualizer for ‘Positions‘. Currently, Ariana holds strong at the No.1 spot on the Billboard Artist 100 chart for the 15th week. By reaching this milestone, Ariana has surpassed Post Malone in the fourth-most weeks spent at the top spot. Her album has also retained the No. 1 spot on the Rolling Stone 500 chart for the second week in a row.

Circling back to ’34 + 35′, go ahead and see if it is indeed your cup of tea-