Ariana Grande Won’t Start Working On a New Album Until She Finishes ‘Wicked’

In a new video, Grande reveals that she is spending all of her time being Glinda. Being an Ariana Grande fan today is difficult.

The 28-year-old singer and cosmetics mogul announced that she’s putting music on hold in order to focus entirely on playing Glinda in John M. Chu’s film adaptation of the Broadway musical ‘Wicked’ while addressing questions for the R.E.M. Beauty YouTube channel on 12th May.

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Grande pulled up a fan query asking for a hint regarding her seventh album, which she proceeded to reveal it doesn’t yet exist, after delivering a tutorial showing how she creates her eye look using one of her R.E.M. products. In the video, she said that she is very nervous to answer this question, but wants to be honest with her fans. She also stated that, she hasn’t started working on the album yet.

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She went on to explain that she wasn’t ready to start working on a new album once her sixth album, the Billboard 200 chart-topper Positions, was released in October 2020. She was also busy as a coach on The Voice and auditioning for the role of Glinda in Wicked, alongside Cynthia Erivo’s ‘Elphaba’.

Ariana Grande answers fan questions on her next album, ‘Wicked’ filming, and more in the video below:

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The ‘POV’ singer added that now that she’s landed a role in ‘Wicked’, which was just expanded into two feature-length films, she plans to devote all of her time to perfecting the role, which she’s wanted to play since she was a youngster.