Artist of the week – EMINEM

From Marshal Mathers to Slim Shady and finally the legend as we know him – Eminem – the prolific rapper has shown us every side of him there is to see. His raw, revealing and almost always controversial lyrics have given his fans company in their darkest times, and helped them celebrate their victories.

From funk to classic hip-hop, his production, his genius writing and ability to rhyme worlds like it’s nobody’s business, except, well… his, has cemented him in the rap game and music industries as a name that is going to last forever.

He celebrates his birthday on Thursday, the 17th of Oct, and what better time to celebrate someone? Join us as we raise a glass to him this week – to Eminem! To Indigo Music’s Artist of the Week.

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And don’t miss out on some of these classics:
1. The Real Slim Shady
2. Cleanin’ Out My Closet
3. Lose Yourself
4. Rap God
5. Not Afraid