ATEEZ Choose Not To Conform in ‘Thanxx’

The buzzing Kpop group, ATEEZ, just arrived with their latest offering: the visualizer for the track ‘Thanxx’. This tune finds its space on the band’s latest album, “Zero Fever Part. 1“. And after a slew of intriguing teasers, the music video has finally made its landing. 

Now, to touch upon the soundscape of the track, ‘Thanxx’ witnesses an intriguing arrangement of folk music and trap beats. In this track, we witness the rapline claim the spotlight, giving us a taste of their fiery verses and starkly different styles.

‘Thanxx’ dabbles with a familiar concept, one that ATEEZ has managed to forge into something fresh. ‘Thanxx’ sees the band revelling in their youth along with the chaos and uncertainty that comes with it. They listen to tid bits of advice with wide smiles and endless nods, only to carry on doing whatever they planned to. The songwriting see an array of quotes from the “grown-ups”, tossed up with a whole lot of sarcasm and a splash of rebelliousness. Take a look:

“What do you wanna do”
“What do you wanna be when you grow up”
I don’t know, it’s my first time
I think I’ll know once I get to live a little more 

“Lift the blue flag, lift the white flag”
“Why aren’t you listening?”
“Back in my days…” “Kids these days…”

Oh dear, why don’t you just go on your way

Coming to the visualizer for this track, it proves to be a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. The video sees the boys rebel against the system every step of the way. From their messy school uniforms to secret hideouts and vibrant protests – they’ve broken right out of their shackles.  As the video unfolds, we see ATEEZ shake off their school-boy personas as they lead the youth on a carnival-like parade through the cracks of an oh-so-perfect system. 

With this, ATEEZ have proven to be way ahead of the game, yet again. And this is just the boys saying, “We write our own destiny. Thanxx.”

By: Nina Karun