Ava Max Unleashes A New Disco-pop Tune ‘OMG What’s Happening’

Ava Max just gave us another taste of her upcoming album through her brand new, funky track, ‘OMG What’s Happening’. This tune serves as her third single off her debut record, ‘Heaven & Hell’.

Sprinkled with bubbly synths and groovy disco-pop beats, this tune picks you up from the get-go. In fact, ‘OMG What’s Happening’ actually finds itself swallowed by the new retro wave currently consuming the modern pop genre. This song also boasts of Ava’s impressive range as she juggles between husky, sultry verses and pretty falsettos.

Now, diving into the concept behind this track, we see Ava Max long for a lost love. Her record sees a tinge of regret, as the star comes to the realization that the things you yearn for most, don’t always circle back to you. Take a look:

I wanna tell you things and show you all the rest
Broadcast my emotions on the radio and take ’em off my chest
I hope you’re listening
Are you? Are you?

Oh my God, what’s happening?
Look what you’ve done, look what you’ve done to me
I got everything I wanted, but you’re everything, you’re everything I need

In other news, Ava also unveiled the tracklist for her album. It holds a good fifteen tracks, some falling under the umbrella labeled ‘Side A: Heaven’ and the others finding a space under ‘Side B: Hell’. We’re already familiar with some of the tunes sitting on this record like, ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, ‘Kings & Queens’ and even the star’s breakthrough hit, ‘Sweet But Psycho‘. But it looks like the album’s got a lot more gems just waiting to be heard when it makes its landing on September 18th. 


By: Nina Karun