Avicii celebrated at Tussauds wax museum

Tim Bergling, better known to fans as Avicii, is a standout figure in the electronic dance music scene. Even after his passing, his music still remains with countless people. And now, if you travel to the Madame Tussauds wax figure museum in New York City, his exhibit brings not just comfort, but also shines a light on his incredible human legacy.

Tom Middleton, the general manager of Madame Tussauds NY discusses the importance of having his figure at the museum, “We are always looking to create those celebrities who have made a significant impact on their field, and I think that it’s easy to see that Avicii is one of the most iconic musicians of our generation, for us, it was the perfect opportunity in conjunction with his family to really celebrate his life and his career and allow guests to relive some of this icon’s most notable performances.”

When creating the wax figure, designers studied hours and hours of footage, catching Avicii at as many angles as they could to create the proper dimensions and to really capture the vibrant energy with which the DJ and producer delivered his most memorable performances.

The most significant output came from his parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén, who have always stressed the importance of honoring their son’s memory in the most authentic, respectable manner.

After months of hard work, beginning today, fans will walk into Madame Tussauds’ music room and see Bergling’s famous smile. He’s situated behind a DJ booth, one hand in the air, the other resting on the mixer, as he was so often seen.

“It will include clips and music from some of his most iconic shows, whether that’s him playing in front of thousands of people at Tomorrowland, or him playing at smaller venues,” Middleton says. “We want to allow our guests to sort of relive that, bring it to life with lights and sounds and get an experience that you’re just not able to get anymore.”