Avril Lavigne Lets us in on Her Quarantine Shenanigans

avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne just gave her fans a peek into her life in quarantine. Much like other artists, Avril has been using this time to create new music and well, also try her hand at a bit of cooking. 

The star recently took over Billboard‘s Instagram account to share all the details of her at-home quarantine activities. Avril explained that during this difficult period, she’s turned to music. Not only is she working at her songwriting practices, but the star, in fact, even released a re-recorded version of her track, ‘Warrior’. This tune finds its space in Avril’s 2019 album, ‘Head Above Water’ and originally, it speaks of her battle with lyme disease. But as she first stated upon its release, ‘Warrior’ is also a song of hope. “I hope my songs can help you find strength if you need it,” the star said at the time. 

Avril Lavigne went on to re-record this very track in April 2020, as a dedication to frontline workers

“It’s dedicated to all the frontline workers, and proceeds are going toward the fight against COVID-19, providing PPE for medical workers across the world,” she had said. And during her Instagram take-over, she sat at her piano and treated fans with this very song. 

What Else Has Avril Lavigne Been Upto?

Now, apart from all things music, Lavigne also gave her fans a taste of her cooking skills. She made Deviled Eggs, almost slipping into the persona of a cooking-show host. She went step-by-step, adding tips here and there like,  “I feel like my mom did this possibly with a relish or diced dill pickles before in the past, which would totally work”.

For those of ya’ll who didn’t know, Avril Lavigne is also quite the clean-freak. No seriously, after wrapping up her Deviled Eggs, she went on to dish out cleaning hacks to make the process “more fun”. We don’t remember it being fun to begin with, though…

But here’s what she did, she pulled out a checkered skateboard, picked up a mop and basically proceeded to zoom around her house, while cleaning. Perhaps the only thing we’re bummed about is the fact that she didn’t sing, ‘Sk8er Boi’ while doing this. 

By: Nina Karun