Bad Bunny Out With A Surprise Album, Here It Is

bad bunny

Las Que No Iban a Salir‘ or ‘The Ones Who Weren’t Going Out’ comes a surprise to Bad Bunny loyals.

Though Bad Bunny had been previewing some new songs and sounds on Instagram Live this complete deck of 10 fresh new songs, available on all major platforms comes as a beautiful surprise to all just two months after his last album that had absolutely everyone dancing.

USA | Bad Bunny surprised fans with new album “Las que no going to ...

This new album by Bad Bunny feature Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Zion & Lennox, Yandel, Gabriela, and Jhay Cortez. 

We have long talked about the love we have for Bad Bunny and his writing skills, and what a treat he brought to us! With ‘YHLQMDLG’ aka‘Yo Hoga Lo Que Me Da La Gana’ aka ‘I do whatever I want’ he had our attention — on the radio and on the dance floors.

The sound of this album is suave and easily grooving. The visuals of the album are the old Windows 95 generation Media Player trips that some might remember dearly. ‘SI ELLA SALE’ is the first song that takes your hand and pulls you to the dance floor. The chorus translates to “The street is turned off, but she’s going to turn it up.”

Bad Bunny collaborated on ‘PA’ ROMPERLA’ with Don Omar. The track is far faster and and the beats deeper. The lyrics are absolutely taking it up a notch with the duo describing a girl who is promiscuous but they’re on board with it, as long as every one is getting their dance on. Phew!

The whole album is full of such gems and we, wholeheartedly, approve. So why don’t you listen and find out!