Bad Bunny Performs ‘Booker T’ And Pulls WWE Stunt

Bad Bunny performed his hit track ‘Booker T’ on Sunday night at the Royal Rumble. The fact of interest for fans is his company and WWE legend Booker T himself who joined the singer for the performance. The legend posed onstage as the Puerto Rican star performed.

Although a shorter rendition of the track, Bad Bunny ensured he kept it entertaining both for music fans and the WWE fans. Incorporating the WWE fashion, the raper passed the mic to Booker T towards the end as well as the wrestler yelled “Can you dig it, sucka?!”.

The WWE Dive

Robert “Booker T” Huffman is a retired wrestling legend who joined the Spanish language performance. Bad Bunny entered the wrestling ring later in the night upping the ante. The 26-year old was present along with The Miz and John Morrison in the ring.

In a backstage clip The Miz and John Morrison are seen trying to strike deal to convince Bad Bunny to join them in the ring. In an attempt to convince the rapper, Miz ended up badmouthing Booker T who much to his dismay, was standing down the hallway. The rapper who declined eventually climbed up the top rope and dove at the duo delivering a flying splash to the heels.

Bad Bunny Joins Music-Wrestling Crossover Bandwagon

Bad Bunny joins the bandwagon of musicians that have been part of the music-wrestling crossovers. Cardi B trended on Twitter after she called out WWE CEO Vince McMahon in good fun in January. Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg also took part in such a stint after he did a high-risk move in an episode of AEW’s Dynamite.

Bad Bunny released the album “El Último Tour Del Mundo” in November 2020 following two other LPs that year. We cannot wait to see what the year has in store for the rapper and fans are pleased to see the WWE amateur’s latest stint.

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan