Bad Bunny Ruled 2020 Like No Other Artist

With various genres gaining popularity and momentum, 202 saw a lot of different genres rise up the charts. Early 2020, proved again for Puerto Rican Reggaetón and Latin trap artist Bad Bunny. The singer was beginning to gain fame internationally, only to end the year on a high. His music became chart-toppers and dominated the globe boosting Latin genre by leaps and bounds.

How 2020 Looked For Bad Bunny

Through the year 2020, Bad Bunny had three chart-topping albums to his credit despite the confusion and chaos there was. His success and collaborations with various Latin artists helped revamp the Latin genre music scene. Pick an album or live music by the singer from 2020, you’re sure to find yourself a winner.

The singer rolled through 2020 with each album of his finishing as a chart-topper securing its place in the top five. This comes in accordance with a year-end music report by a source.

Quick List!

Here is a list for a quick glance at his albums that finished the year on a high.

·       YHLQMDLG released In March finished as 2020’s No. 1 Latin album.

·       LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR released in May, became the No. 5 Latin album.

·       EL ÚLTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO, released in November was 2020’s No. 4 Latin album.

·       X 100PRE released in 2018 made its presence at No.3 spot.

With this record, Bad Bunny pretty much dominated the top 5 albums of 2020.

Virtual Concerts And More

Although 2020 ground things to a halt, biggest disappointments of them being live concerts, Bad Bunny persevered and found ways to connect with his fans. The singer held a virtual concert, Unvision, in September that spiked his catalogue by 21% the very next day.

The rapper did not stop at this. He went on an unannounced performing spree as he rode around New York City performing on a bus. Bad Bunny did this the same month, in order to connect with more fans and express his gratitude and appreciation for the frontline healthcare workers.

Torchbearer For Latin Music

The artist surely knows how to uplift his peers and hold his work with pride. This is proven by the fact that the victories of 2020 were not just about Bad Bunny. Latin music saw a 27% spike in its audio consumption according to reports. The rapper’s albums influenced this change immensely and acted as a torchbearer for the genre.

Here is what AJ Ramos, Latin artist relations manager of Google/Youtube stated in an email. “Latin is Pop Culture. The numbers will continue to grow and there will be more visibility within other genres that represent Latin Music outside of reggaetón and Latin trap, like Mexican Regional, Christian, Alternative, Indie and Tropical Music for example,”

The manager went on to shower praises for the rapper. “Bad Bunny has mastered the art of setting new trends and creating euphoria for fans across the globe when he releases music. His influence is reflected both digitally and terrestrially. Bad Bunny is making it cool to be different and daring while using his platform to offer direction and shed light on important social matters.

2021 For The Win

It is for us to wait and watch if the artist is going to outdo himself and release equal or more music in 2021. Quite a touch act Bad Bunny pulled off in 2020, raising the bar higher. What we are sure of is his music dominating the charts and the hearts of his listeners. Way to go, soaring high while uplifting his genre and other artists simultaneously. 

By: Aatira Kakroo