Bebe Rexha Puts An End To Rumours About Her Death

Bebe Rexha Dead

Bebe Rexha disappeared from Twitter for three days and people thought that she’s passed away. A certain account tweeted that a news channel had announced the death of the singer along with a family statement. All of this must truly be upsetting for Rexha, her family and fans, which led to her clarifying that she’s pretty much alive.

The singer sent out many tweets in order to announce her existence. First, Bebe seemed shocked that only three days off social media caused such a frenzy. And, also the cause of death being drug overdose seems to have taken her aback.

Bebe Rexha Searches Herself Online…

Rexha had no choice but search her name online to find out that ‘Bebe Rexha Died’ had become a trending search. The singer took a screenshot of it and shared it, questioning it in almost disbelieve.

No, She’s Not Dead!

Bebe Rexha surely said the news which is being circulated is “messed up” and it’s just not acceptable. The viral news post even brings the singer’s family in the situation, claiming to have released a statement. Pretty shocking, right?

Bebe Rexha Plays Along!

When the seriousness of the situation died down, Bebe Rexha decided to play a game with her fans. She called herself a ‘ghost’ who’s in one’s closet and tweeting. Spooky!!!

And, not only that, the singer voiced twelve seconds “I’m a ghost” song just to create more drama. All in good fun, though.

Thank God she’s not dead! What even, internet? Have you no limits?

By: Aatira Kakroo