Becky G Runs Into Some Trouble!

Becky G released a new make up line with colour pop called ‘Hola Chola,’ the just-released beauty collection is meant to pay tribute to Mexican-American heritage and culture.Becky G and ColourPops Hola chola features deep shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, lip rollers and eyeliners. 

The line called Hola Chola is under fire for appropriating the name of an indie L.A brand. The name of the line was originally used by Susana Gonzalez, the owner of a pre-existing Los Angeles indie brand called Hola Chola Inc. At her shop, Gonzalez vends everything from embellished jackets featuring the classic, celestial images of the Virgin Mary to earrings.

Adding on to the list of mishaps, the brand is also seen appropriating the 90’s Chola culture. Netizens said that Hola Chola is going to be a culture vulture which encourages everyone to appropriate the Chola culture and reduce it to a mere “look”.

A fan on twitter said “Y’all remember when @jackieaina told y’all actual black and brown people need to be in the office to work for companies because sending them PRM wasn’t enough? THIS is what she was talking about.”

Many on Twitter threw shade at the singer for not actually having any Mexican origin individuals on the panel for this product, which aims to celebrate the American-mexican heritage. This is another case of whitewashing culture but it stands out because of the origin of the artist, Becky G.

Come on, Becky, you can be better than this!