Belibers finally have something to believe in! Or so it seems…

Justin Beiber has uploaded a seven second video that showed the year 2020 with a starry background. The cryptic video has sent fans spiralling into speculation that this might finally be an announcement for new music due soon. Minutes after the post was made, Twittersphere was flooded with ‘shook’ fans making creative memes welcoming the king’s arrival.

On the 5th of December he posted the word “2020.”, followed by two more tweets over the next few days saying – “I’m asking for a reason. Listen through the list and tell me your favourites. #2020,” and, “How many days away is #2020?”, and the finally sharing the video above. Either Justin is going to blow fans away with something in 2020, or he’s just really excited about the new decade.

It has been a year of massive collaborations with Dan+Shay’s “10,000 hours” , Ed sheeran in “ I Dont Care” and a guest verse in Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”. But, we’re still waiting for solo tunes from the “Sorry” hitmaker who shot to fame at a young age with the help of Usher.

Bieber’s controversial behaviour and dark times served as some artistic inspiration for his record breaking album “Purpose” in 2015. We can’t wait to see what his new era of music brings, if it brings anything at all!