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Best Moments from BTS’ “Map of the Soul ON:E” Concert

BTS Performs 'ON' at the 'Map of the Soul ON:E' concert

BTS were primed to stun fans with their full fledged 2-Day concert, “Map of the Soul; ON:E”, from the time the project was announced. 24 songs and 993,000 fans later, viewers are still reeling from the visual spectacle that was their large scale, but entirely virtual, concert with ARMYs. And, somehow, this past weekend, the show filled the void fans felt world over despite the lack of physical contact. 

Map of the Soul ON:E Makes Waves

Featuring a brand new setlist, never before seen performances and sets, “Map of the Soul: ON:E” emerged a mammoth success. The concert raked in 993,000 active audience attenders, from 191 countries. And, if that wasn’t enough, the numbers marked a doubling growth from their previous virtual concert – Bang Bang Con. In addition, on both days of the concert, the group remained trending on Twitter, occupying the 1st spot on worldwide trends. 

The New and The Old Meet

“Map of the Soul: ON:E” kicked off with a signature VCR courtesy BTS, followed by a high energy performance of their hit track, ‘ON’. What followed, on both days, was a medley of some of their newest hits, and their oldest ones. Ranging from debut day tracks like ‘Butterfly’, ‘Run’ and ‘No More Dream’ to their latest mega hits like ‘DNA’, ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Boy With Luv’, the septet delivered power-packed performances of each track. 

Going Solo…

In addition, each member of BTS surprised fans with brand new performances of their solo hits. RM kicked things off with a symbolic and representative rendition of his hard-hitting rap track, ‘Persona’. Taking that symbolism one step further was SUGA, who delivered a chilling performance of his Interlude, ‘Shadow’.

And, then came some cheeky, sensuous performances from Jungkook and Jimin, who performed their own solos – ‘My Time’ and ‘Filter’, respectively.

Further, Jin and V touched fans with simple yet touching performances of their tracks, ‘Moon’ and ‘Inner Child’, respectively. And, finally, J-Hope had fans grooving to his track, ‘Ego’, with a fun rendition of the upbeat, hip-hop song. 

A Message of Hope & Community

Aside from the solos and group performances, the boys also delivered heartfelt messages to viewers and fans. The group was in constant touch with ARMY all over the world as screens with the live viewers faces surrounded them on set. Further, the boys urged fans to stay strong and positive during these times. In addition, they thanked ARMY for giving them a chance to perform after months of one-off recorded performances. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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