Best of Fall 2023 Anime

Drowning in a sea of 40 new anime episodes per week this Fall? Fear not, because the anime cosmos is serving up a feast, especially for fantasy buffs. The medieval vibes are on overdrive, making it rain swords, dragons and epic quests. Amidst the fantasy frenzy, it’s easy for shows to blur into one big magical mishmash. Some gems are destined to sparkle brighter than others. With time ticking faster than your favourite character’s power-up sequence, it’s all about picking the cream of the crop. Check out the best Fall 2023 anime below. 

Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’: This is the standout gem of Fall 2023. From its stellar start, this series has only amped up the excitement, securing its spot as the season’s top pick. Picture this: an elf, Frieren, who once helped kick the demon king to the curb, ushering in an era of peace. 

Fast forward a few decades, and Frieren’s at her friend’s funeral, realizing she missed out on the real magic of friendship. Now, with Fern, her trusty apprentice, she’s on a quest, revisiting the good old days and maybe snagging a spell or two to chat with her departed pals. With stunning visuals, lovable characters, and a sprinkle of whimsy, ‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’ might just be the anime of 2023.

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The Apothecary Diaries’: ‘The Apothecary Diaries’ didn’t rush to the party, but once it arrived, it brought the house down. As the last kid on the Fall 2023 anime block, this series played catch-up by dropping three episodes in one go. Picture Ancient China, add Maomao, an apothecary apprentice with a knack for stumbling into trouble. Kidnapped and tossed into the emperor’s palace, she’s all about paying debts and earning freedom. 

Yet, her nosy side takes over when she catches wind of a “curse” offing infants. Cue a dose of medicine and a note for the distraught mom. Suddenly, she’s on the radar of Jinshi, a top-tier eunuch, and boom, welcome to the inner palace, where Maomao solves medicine-based mysteries like it’s a day job. Fall 2023’s got protagonists galore, but Maomao stands tall, a blend of comedy and drama wrapped up in a quirky personality. Her tag-team with Jinshi? A refreshing twist. Mysteries might not be Sherlock-level, but the execution? Spot on. 

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The Eminence in Shadow’ Season 2: Kicking off 2023 with a bang, ‘The Eminence in Shadow’ is on track to wrap the year in style. Transported to a whole new realm, Cid’s doing the isekai hustle as Shadow, the enigmatic maestro pulling strings in the shadows. But here’s the kicker, Cid’s convinced his crew is just rolling with it, resulting in some hilarious misadventures that demand a bit of reality suspension. This anime’s got it all: a dash of world-building, a sprinkle of action, and a generous serving of laughs. Season 1 was Cid’s solo show, but hold onto your popcorn, because Season 2 is giving the ladies of Shadow Garden the spotlight they deserve. 

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The 100 Girlfriends’: Diving into the chaotic world of ‘100 Girlfriends Who Really Really Really Really Really Love You’ is like strapping into a wild amusement park ride of romantic absurdity. Picture this: Rentarou, the unlucky lad, hits the big 100 on the rejection scale. So, he does what any sensible high schooler would do, beg the local god for a cosmic do-over. Lo and behold, the divine one grants his wish with a twist. Now, our guy has to navigate the complexities of not one or two, but a whopping 100 girlfriends, each with their quirks and tales to tell. It’s a harem manga/anime that shamelessly pokes fun at its own genre while delivering laughs and characters you’ll be rooting for. 

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Dr. Stone: New World’ Part 2: Dr. Stone, the Shonen anime sensation, keeps the party going in its Fall 2023 run with the New World saga. Stranded on Treasure Island, Senku and the brainy bunch from the Kingdom of Science are juggling the high stakes of revival and stealth mode. This season kicks off with a bang, blending humour, lovable characters and brainy solutions. As Senku’s inventions race against the clock, the once cosy hug of realism takes a backseat, but who cares when you’re rooting for science against the villainous duo, Moz and Ibara? 

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‘Undead Unluck’: Welcome to the wild ride that is ‘Undead Unluck’ – a world where superpowers and bad luck collide in a crazy cosmic dance. Fuuko’s got the ultimate party trick; touch her, and bam, your day’s officially tanked. Talk about a conversation starter. Enter Andy, the eternal party crasher with immortality as his plus one. These two misfits decide to team up for a bizarre friendship, hoping Fuuko’s jinxed vibes will finally give Andy the exit he’s been craving. But hey, life (or, in Andy’s case, unlife) is never that simple.

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Shangri-la Frontier’: Rakuro, the demolition maestro of glitch-ridden games, decided to ditch the pixelated chaos for a taste of something legit: Shangri-La Frontier. This MMORPG isn’t just good; it’s a whole new level of gaming nirvana that has Rakuro hooked from level one. Forget the broken mechanics and glitchy graphics; this game is a masterpiece. Our teenage virtuoso is on a mission to level up, conquer bosses, and maybe make a few gamer buddies along the way. 

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Spy x Family’ Season 2: ‘Spy x Family’ is good vibes. I mean, we’re talking about a show where the fate of the world hangs in the balance, yet they serve it up with a side of laughs. It’s like a spy thriller had a baby with a comedy club, and the result is pure genius. Season 2 is gearing up to keep the good times rolling, especially with Anya taking the humour crown. The mix of action and slapstick is so on point; you’ll be on the edge of your seat one moment and snorting with laughter the next. 

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ Season 3: Saddle up, folks, because the horse girls are trotting back into the limelight, and things are getting more intense than a hot chilli pepper in summer. Kitsana Black is on the tail of a rival. ‘Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ might sound like a wild ride with its horse-girl concept, but underneath those hooves, it’s your classic sports anime dishing out the goods, hard work, raw talent, and a sprinkle of friendship magic. Originally born as a gacha game ad, this adaptation has surprisingly become a front-runner in the storytelling derby, boasting a massive cast but still managing to give each character their time to shine.

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Ragna Crimson’: Launching with a double episode bang, ‘Ragna Crimson’ catapults into the Fall 2023 anime lineup. This shonen sensation takes a nosedive into the realms of dark fantasy, a territory well-trodden this season. Yet, Silver Link’s take manages to elbow its way to the front of the pack. Picture this: a world where dragons are the stuff of nightmares for humans, and enter the stage, our not-so-impressive hero, Ragna, is overshadowed by the brilliance of his partner, the enigmatic Leonica. 

However, the plot truly finds its groove when Crimson steps into the limelight. She’s the wildcard, the conniving powerhouse, injecting that sweet ambiguity into the storyline. Ragna’s revenge mission gets a spicy twist, setting the stage for a dynamic that promises more plot turns than a rollercoaster. 

-Britney Jones