Best Tracks of Pop Icon, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has evolved from being a country music performer to a global pop icon and much of it can be attributed to her skillful songwriting. She has become one of the most influential singers of this century. There have been so many nuanced, instantly recognisable musical moments throughout the singer-songwriter’s career, that it’s challenging to choose just 10 of the best.  Whether it’s through an extended heartbreak anthem or a hilarious proclamation of independence, these songs depict Taylor at the top of her game. Here’s a compilation of her best tracks below.

  1. You Belong With Me
  1. Shake It Off
  1. Love Story
  1. Teardrops On My Guitar
  1. Our Song
  1. Blank Space
  1. I Knew You Were Trouble
  1. Delicate
  1. Style
  1. Wildest Dreams