Why Beyonce Paid Tribute To George Floyd


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Beyonce has always been on the forefront of political stirrings in USA. She has either echoed and amplified the voices of groups like The Black Panther or shown little girls the way forward to fearlessly love their natural hair and bodies. Now a rapper — George Floyd — who has been described as a party to the rise of the music scene in Beyonce’s home base Houston, has been murdered at the hands of police brutality in Minnesota.

A clip has been released and shared by Madonna and Justin Bieber too, which shows the police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s back and choking him such that it is audible he is crying out, “I can’t breathe.”

Floyd was taken to Hennepin County Medical Centre after he fell unconscious. He died shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

There is a lot of backlash that is reverberating thought the country right now, as artists continue to say, “how long will the Blue against Black attacks go on,” referring to the ongoing onslaught of police brutality in USA.

Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, the Minnesota Mayor — Jacob Frey and more have voiced out their frustration on Twitter.

Beyonce vocalised the cry using her website. The caption under Floyd’s portrait says, “Rest in Power George Floyd.”

Floyd was a member of the R&B group ‘Screwed Up Click’ where the created music in a signature “chopped and screwed” style and recently the song “Sittin on Top of the World” has been becoming popular on Reddit and Twitter. Floyd’s stage name was ‘Big Floyd’.

By: Nupur Saraswat