Bieber’s First in 5 years

Justin Bieber has a lot going on right now, and so we’re breaking it down.

First things first, the pop heavyweight has dropped the complete tracklist for his upcoming album “Changes” and it has revealed some serious features. The album will be a full-length studio album, his first in 5 years, complete with 17 tracks, including the Summer Walker remix of “Yummy”.

He has scored some superstar features with Kehlani (Get Me), Intentions (Quavo), Post Malone (Forever), and Travis Scott (Second Emotion). The track and official music video for “Intentions” ft. Quavo is all set for release this Friday, the 7th of February.

In addition to all the traction he’s getting with the upcoming release, he also just became the only artist on YouTube with 50 million subscribers to his name, setting a historical record for himself.

His docu series titled “Seasons” has been getting a lot of mileage too, offering a frank and honest look into his life. The project is one of YouTube’s biggest purchases to date, with them having paid an estimated $20million for the rights to stream.

The most recent episode sees Justin opening up about the darkest sides of being a celebrity, revealing that things were a lot worse than people ever knew. Viewers also get a close look into Justin and Hailey’s relationship and marriage, a side of his life that everyone is always curious about.

All in all, Bieber’s got it all going on right now, and with all the troubled years behind him, there’s no way but up from here!

“Changes” is available for pre-order and is all set for release on the 14th of February.