Bieber’s Grand Meet and Greet With Fans

Justin Bieber never fails to surprise us, does he? He’s kept us on our toes over the past few weeks with a string of new releases and of course, news from all the latest episodes of his docuseries. In fact, just a couple days back, he released a heartwarming track titled, ‘Intentions’ featuring Quavo and this one’s already soaring through numerous charts world over.

To top that, Bieber recently held a secret listening party in London for his new album ‘Changes’ and a bunch of lucky listeners not only got a taste of the album, but they also met the young star!

Before heading over to the O2 stadium for a show, Bieber gathered a couple of his Brit friends and some folks from the music industry for his intimate listening party, where he played out his entire fifth album. Fan reactions have proven that this album’s going to create quite a buzz in the music world.

They took to social media to gush about all the tracks, pointing out that not only was the production value impeccable but fans have even gone as far as saying that his vocals have never sounded better!

Bieber also opened up about his plan to make ‘Journals 2.0’ – a follow-up to his 2013 compilation album ‘Journals’. However, he had a change of heart when he realized that the tracks on the upcoming album didn’t gel well with his 2013 album. He’s grown a lot, both as a musician and as an artist over the years and his new album possibly tracks that journey. Maybe that’s how the title was born, after all.

While he’s still considering making a second ‘Journals’ album in the future, it’ll still take a lot of planning. For now, considering all the positive fan reactions, it looks like the album’s going to be a real treat – and thankfully, the wait is almost over because this one’s dropping tomorrow!