Biebs just teased some new music ?

If Justin wants us to go like his picture for an early release of his new album, we’ll do just that!

Justin Bieber, has been teasing Beliebers for a while now, as they patiently wait for the release of his full-length album. But before that, he has a task for all his fans i.e., GO LIKE HIS POST TILL IT REACHES 20 MILLION and Bieber will drop his new album before Christmas. He posted an image which read “If this post gets 20 million likes Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas.” and captioned the image, “Share it, like it, post in your story, I gotta see the demand 😉 love you guys pumped for it! I’m almost done but your support will make me move faster”.

Bieber hasn’t been very secretive about working on new music. Earlier this year at Coachella, he announced that he was working on new music and that the fans could expect great things from him. Since then, he’s collaborated with Billie Eilish on a remixed version of Eilish’s hit ‘Bad Guy’, and Ed Sheeran for ‘I Don’t Care’.

This has his fans all riled up and we really wish to end the decade with Bieber’s classic falsetto. Beliebers get ready, because we have a task on hand!