Big Sean Announces His Return To Music: Details Here

Big Sean set to make his return to music

Rapper, Big Sean, took the music world by storm earlier today, as he officially announced his return to music. The Detroit native revealed that his fifth studio album, “Detroit 2”, is slated for release on the 4th of September. This album will serve as his first studio album in three years; the last being the 2017 release, “I Decided”. 

Sean took to social media earlier today revealing the title, release date and cover art of the upcoming project. In addition, “Detroit 2” is a follow up to his 2012 mixtape, “Detroit”.

Big Sean Takes a Step Back

In his years away from the spotlight, Big Sean has appeared as a featuring artist on a few collaborations. But, this new release will mark his first solo comeback to music in all this time. And, fans rejoice in the news for good reason. His last studio album made it big, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart. 

Further, Big Sean has been candid about his reasons for stepping away from the spotlight. Speaking of his mental health at the time, the rapper said in an interview last year: “You come to a point in life where you realize that the car, the house, whatever it is that you thought you wanted, was just a temporary fix. And what I really was looking for was the fulfillment that only following your heart and being passionate can give you.”

In addition, he revealed, “I took some time to work on myself and I was able to have a good therapist, good mentors. I truthfully feel like it’ll really shine through on the full album.” 

A Stellar Collaboration on “Detroit 2”

Along with the news of a new album, the rapper also released new music from the project earlier today. This one is a collaboration with late rapper, Nipsey Hussle, and is called ‘Deep Reverence’. The track was teased back in March and has arrived amid much fanfare. Big Sean took to Instagram to share a message along with news of the track, writing: “Rest in power bro! The world miss you n need to hear your voice!”

“Detroit 2” by Big Sean will be available on all streaming platforms on the 4th of September, 2020.

By: Ahalya Narayanan