Bill Callahan’s Releases A New Single ‘Miracles’

Bill Callahan’s highly experimental style has given us some wonderfully quirky and soulful music before. His latest cover, produced during quarantine, is no less. ‘Miracles’ is a rendition of Johnnie Frierson’s song of the same name. 

Bill aka Smog, is signed with record label Drag City, as well as singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, Ty Segall. Ty is well known for his solo career during which he released eleven studio albums, various EPs, singles, and collaborative albums. He plays the guitar and is also a music producer.

A Well-Oiled Machine

“Ty Segall turns the party up to 11 as only he can, with a synth and rhythm box rebuild of Johnnie Frierson’s late-period Memphis outsider-gospel,” Drag City Records wrote on their Instagram.

“Creeping with a low, trippy gait, the relentless roll of the groove and the spare sting of Ty’s guitar draws devotional commitments from Bill and Bonny, augmented by exceptional reed-blowing from Rob Frye. Their massed spirit sends the sunshine of Johnnie’s sentiment pouring through the darkness.”

This cover is the second one released this year by the duo, following a cover of Lou Reed’s “Rooftop Garden.” Last year, they covered songs by Yusuf / Cat Stevens, Hank Williams, Jr., Dave Rich, the Other Years, Billie Eilish, Steely Dan, Callahan’s own Smog, the late Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Wyatt, and Little Feat.

Old School Aesthetics

Directed by Sai Selvarajan, the video features vintage, sepia-toned photos of automobiles and American life, as Callahan takes the lead on vocals. 

A soothing, soulful treat. Easy on the eyes, and easy on the ears. Here’s a verse from this amazing track;

“Oh no, let me tell you again now

About miracles (miracles)

Miracles, things that seem impossible

You can do ’em, have faith

You can do ’em, you’re human, human beings”

  • “Miracles” (feat. Ty Segall) (originally by Johnnie Frierson)

BY: Aatira Kakroo