Billie & Bro Accused Of Nepotism

It looks like Billie Eilish and her brother have run into some trouble! A Tweet recently suggested that Eilish and her producer-slash-brother, Finneas, had only broken into the music scene and made it big because they lived in LA and had parents with music-industry connections.

This came from a Twitter-user who was responding to a little industry advice Finneas O’Connell was trying to dispense. The Tweet has been since deleted but here is what it said:

“Shooting your shot’ is promoted widely and I think honestly, it’s a little overrated,” he had Tweeted. “Work super hard alone or with your closest friends. Make shit so good it speaks for itself. Don’t pester people to work with you, let them come to you.”

This got the fans talking about the family, the background the siblings come from and the privilege of it all.

In response to this, Finneas took the time to release a statement clarifying their background. He said, “During my lifetime, our parents were never able to fully financially support us off of their work as actors.” Talking about his parent’s profession he mentioned, “Our dad worked 12 hour days 7 days a week as a construction worker for Mattel and our mom was a teacher. Our parents gave us love but knew no one in the record industry.”

In a calm way, Finneas has managed to reclaim the struggle that the siblings bore in order to be as big as they are today. Though, of course, there is something to be said about the exposure Los Angeles provides, it is quite clear that their parents had no role in launching their careers.