Billie Eilish Does a Cover of ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake!

After Billie Eilish’s cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ gained a lot of attention on TikTok last month, she has now released the official version on streaming services. The song is titled ‘Hotline (edit)’ and it is just a minute long. Eilish’s original piece from five years ago, produced by Finneas, is double that length. The newer version includes the second half of the previously produced cover. 

Image Courtesy: BuzzFeed News

She slows down the uptempo of the song and sings the song’s hook through waves of far-off reverb over relaxed ukulele strums and a bright synth countermelody. The full chorus of the song and the first verse are not included in this version. 

Other than SoundCloud, fans could find the 2018 version on Record Store Day vinyl, which also featured her track ‘Party Favour.’ Videos captured by fans show Eilish singing Drake’s ‘Hotline’ at her concerts and using it as a segue into ‘Party Favour.’

“I’VE WAITED YEARS FOR BILLIE TO UPLOAD THIS COVER,” wrote one fan in the song’s comments on YouTube after having to wait five years for it.

“my heart !!! i’m so happy this is trending on tiktok…,” another fan commented. “it reminds me of the time when billie was our little secret. so proud of all her and Finneas’s accomplishments !!!”

– Riya Sohini