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Billie Eilish encourages Environmental Activism in Our House Is On Fire

18-year-old mega star Billie Eilish and her SNL co-host Woody Harrelson teamed up for a PSA on Climate change where the two join hands to raise awareness on the climate crisis affecting our world today. The singer urges people to adopt a more green way of life by going vegan and discontinuing the use of plastic altogether. She also assures fans and viewers that her upcoming tour will be inclusive of these ideals as plastic straws will not be used, water stations will be set up and fans will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles so they can refill them at these water stations. There will also be a space called the “Billie Eilish Eco Village” where information on climate change and the environmental crisis will be available.
The video has had a major impact, with its views stacked up at a mighty 3 million in 2 days. Watch the PSA here.

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