Billie Eilish Gives Us Everything We Wanted

Billie Eilish just treated her fans with the music video for, ‘Everything I Wanted’, but considering that everyone’s drying their eyes after watching it, we’re not sure how much of a “treat” it is!

The video starts off with a quote from Billie that reads, “Finneas is my brother and my best friend, no matter the circumstance, we always have and always will be there for each other.” We then see the siblings on a quiet road trip together, they seem to be drowning in the shadows of the car as they pass a bright, yet lonely city. The landscape changes to a desert drenched in a blue glow, right before dawn and finally, they reach their destination, an empty beach.

Interestingly enough, Billie directed this whole video herself and despite the relatively slow start, she manages to make a certain sense of unease and nail-bitting anxiety settle in the pit of our stomach. Eilish’s directing skills shine through on this project, and many fans have pointed out that it perfectly captures the feeling of wanting to give up on everything but realizing that there are people who care.

And we see that reflected in her lyrics too, as she sings,

I got everything I wanted/But when I wake up, I see/You with me/And you say, “As long as I’m here/No one can hurt you/Don’t wanna lie here/But you can learn to/If I could change/The way that you see yourself

In fact, in numerous interviews, Eilish has said this melancholy record delves into her worst fears of people not caring if something bad happened to her. And yet, she can let out the breath she’s been holding because Finneas will always be her rock.

As heartbreaking as this video is, perhaps we can get to see her a little more cheerful during the Grammy’s! And let’s keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that she bags a couple of awards too!