Billie Eilish is back at it again – saving the planet one project at a time

Well, she’s on her third apparel project with the renowned brand H&M – a brand that has made conscious efforts to shift to sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint in the fashion industry. The songstress has collaborated with H&M on a wholly sustainable clothing line that features an oversized t-shirt and her iconic bucket hat – all with her logo on them.

The teenage sensation has always been vocal about her environmentalism and supported the cause of sustainability and conservation with great vigour and intent.

Last year, she announced the world’s first sustainable tour, making her one of the first acts to do take up the cause so practically. Some of the efforts practiced on tour included a ban on plastic straws, encouraging people to bring water bottles of their own that could be filled at the water stations located at the venues, and going completely digital with ticketing at every concert.

She even used her platform on SNL to bring awareness to the urgency of environmental sustainability at hand.

The official music video for her song “all the good girls go to hell” also features some not-so-subtle metaphors for our burning planet.

2020’s the year of the revolution, people, and Billie’s a revolutionary