Billie Eilish Opens up About The Trend of Throwing Objects at Performers on Stage

Billie Eilish has finally broken her silence about the recent trend of throwing objects at performers. She labels this practice as ‘infuriating’. Numerous high-profile artists have fallen victim to this and have been injured in recent months.

During a recent gig, Bebe Rexha found herself in a distressing situation when a fan threw a phone at her, resulting in her needing stitches. Shocking footage captured the moment as Bebe Rexha dropped to her knees in agony after being struck in the face by the device. It was later revealed that the individual responsible for this act believed it would be entertaining to engage in such behaviour.

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At a Vienna concert, an object was hurled at Harry Styles. Ava Max was slapped by someone who jumped on the stage during a gig in Los Angeles. Other artists affected included Lil Nas X, Taylor Swift and Lil Uzi Vert.

Billie Eilish has shared her opinions on the matter and has regarded it as nothing ‘new’. She has apparently dealt with the same problems for the past 6 years at her live shows. “ I’ve been getting hit on stage with things for like, literally, six years. I don’t know why this is, like, new,” she told The Hollywood Reporter at the ‘Barbie’ world premiere.

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The singer then went on to explain why she thinks the crowd does it: “People just get excited and it can be dangerous,” she said, “I have mixed feelings about it, because when you’re up there it blows. But you know it’s out of love and they’re just trying to give you something.”

She then proceeded to encourage fans not to take part in the trend. “We get it, but don’t do it,” she added. “It’s absolutely infuriating when you’re up there. You’re in a vulnerable position.”

-Kaushiki Sarcar